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If we can share our story with someone who responds with empathy and understanding, shame can't survive. 

-Berne brown

In a room full of people you can still feel lonely, as human beings, being heard is an integral part of our lives.

CHAT -  For the private space

AUDIO CALLING - On the move

VIDEO CALLING - For the lonely

Our motto for successful treatment is based on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO)
philosophy of

“Mental Health for all by involving all”

We understand that the roller-coaster we call life can be easy but also burdensome. Due to the
fast pace of life it is difficult to balance the seamless integration of good interpersonal
relationships, work-life balance, familial bonding and much needed ‘me-time’.
At Hallo Happiness, we aim to provide counselling in a friendly manner and try to find
solutions as early as possible before daily stress becomes deeper trauma. We are a team of
para-professionals trained in evidence-based counselling approaches without providing any
medication and prescription drugs. 

A lot of times in life, everyone feels the need to vent, and be heard by a pair of empathetic
ears. Our goal is to connect people who wish to seek help for their psychological stressors by
providing them with full attention and the freedom to speak without being judged. We are
here to hold your hand and walk you through the tunnel which sometimes seems
insurmountable.We understand every individual’s unique needs, and our experienced counsellors will help you resolve emotional issues in the best possible manner.

Our special support for teenagers,


Peer pressure, self-esteem doubts, anxiety and apprehension and the burden of social media
are common problems faced by today’s youth. Our expert team is equipped to help you
overcome these problems, where you can talk without inhibition

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Care for the youth and elderly

Our specially trained volunteers provide emotional support for the elderly in times of loneliness, assist you in-home care, nursing, and other support needed at the comfort of your home.

In German, there is a word called doppelgänger, which means a friendly ghost. Your immune system is your doppelgänger.

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It was a exhilarating feeling to be able to talk to one of your listener, whom I did not know and she didn’t know me. The anonymous  situation helped me a lot to speak freely.


Thank you Hallohappiness.


In life some situations cannot be spoken about to anyone, they go with you to your grave.  It was necessary to speak to someone non-judgmental – happily I found one with you. It was a surprise and a strange bond with the counselor.

You bet I am coming back to my buddy again and again.


Life can change dramatically. I never thought so… in my story so many strange thing happened in my past that I did not have any hope with something as on- line counseling. But it helped – and how.

My life changed and will never go the old path.     


Our pool of listeners have combined experience of more than 3000 hours of counselling.

Avoid those traffic jams in the mind.

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