Care for the elderly and youth

Note - Cost of blood test is not included.

In German there is a word called doppelgänger, which means friendly ghost. Your immune system is your doppelgänger. It is the response your body has prepared against every trauma, insult or injury, mental or physical. A robust Immune system will ensure that infections will pass you by without lasting damage, just as weakened immune system will prolong physical infirmity, or invite mental ineptitude including gloominess, sense of despair, lack of initiative and interest and in some situations, depression and suicidal ideation.  Fortunately, there is help available. Your immune system has compartments that can be quantified and measured by a blood test and your system can be strengthened gradually, enough to give you a better quality of life. This practice is called immunology. We address both as in integral part of your long term well being.

Our specially trained volunteers  provide emotional support for the elderly in times of loneliness, assist you for home care using  and other support needed at the comfort of your home.​ Your mental health and IMMUNITY are two pillars which determine your holistic wellness. Hallohappiness offers you this integrated service of mental and physical health in a holistic form. A package will be designed your requirements. A periodic evaluation will be structured to offer you outcomes with precision for your current state and what will most likely be your future direction.


Immune modulation and optimising health through immune strengthening, while based on clinical evidence and best practices of medicine, is likely to have variable results due to the individual response to treatment. Hallohappiness, and it’s associates/affiliates/partners give no guarantee about exact responses of treatment offered and do not claim to have complete curative outcomes.