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Mental Health in Times of COVID 2019

In an already existing current economic uncertainly a full impact of corona virus COVID-19

is taking its toll on stress levels of general population. A 35 years old called to vent his fury about the sudden change in the scenario and everything going haywire in matter of days. He is anxious about everything around from work slowdown to recession. Simple tricks for healthy measure to details of do’s and don’ts, travels, etc, etc, etc. list is quite elaborate. Living alone is harder still, calls his emotional support system few times a day and wonders of he is losing it.

The impact of COVID-2019 is going to be measurable only after the event is over, whatever

time it takes but it is definitely giving shockwaves to the industry and an already fragile economy, worldwide. The economic impact (downturn) was already existent when COVID 2019 crept in quietly and broke through all boundaries of cast, creed, countries, religions and unified the world in one smooth swipe and now it has been declared a national emergency by none other than the U.S. President himself.

The silver lining underlying this catastrophe is the quick discovery of a vaccine for its

treatment. The bigger issue remains containing the spread of the virus and assuring people not to panic, which leads to unnecessary, anxiety, stress, consequently people start hording items of daily use consequently stores fall short of essential creating a new form of pressure.

The important thing to remember that an event like this requires a collective effort by countries, people at large and of course doctors, and care givers from the medical fraternity. I was quite distressed to see a young, educated couple in an open restaurant with their puppy parched on the table with his meal in a dog bowl…. while the proud owners watched him finish his meal. Not only the pet had walked all over the road in contact with innumerable object on his paws, which was now being transfer on the table… May be bits of COVID-2019 too. While I went inside and brought to the notice of the counter staff to take appropriate action, the puppy had finished his meal and they had walked out. It took great efforts to warn other customers to avoid that table,which I could do only till I was there but alas couldn’t get is cleaned.

And those are small collective efforts as the Dutch say – maybe we need to seriously

practice NIKSEN… the art of doing nothing.