Present uncertain – Future Tense

For the past few months there have been number of calls from people who were not only stressed or anxious but clearly depressed. It seemed that apart from their own anxieties and uncertainties of future, all the festivities, weddings, people traveling from all over the world to visit families and the general bonhomie that follows at the yearend also contributed to their woes.

The striking feature was not just the achievement syndrome of life it was also the economic conditions in the country and a distinct eeriness about the future. One speaker mentioned “ for past few years we have been living in the hope that things are going to be better soon but as the months converted into years the future looks gloomy to say the least, why not take a break from our country” another thought was “ what about our children? What kind of life are they going to get in an environment like this? Such steps once taken do not retreat; it’s a one way process in the minds of people”. Another speaker in his 60’s was regretful as he had relocated to India in his late 30’s, being the only child of his parents to support them in their old age. Now he was actively planning to go back to his country of choice with his 80 year old mother and knew she would not be happy living there but felt bereft of options.

The voices are distinctly desolate.

The number of speakers who were actively thinking of changing soil and either migrating or relocating to some other country for a ‘decided’, ‘sure’ future has dramatically gone up. They foresee a gloomy future and do not want to go through the rigors’ of the change overtaking the country with newer compliances in their old business models. A common sentence that I hear is “at my age of 50+ it is impossible to rework my life from scratch but if I monetize all that I have and relocate to another country now, at least my children will have a safe and secure life”.

It kind of baffles me since this is upper middle class of the society who have actually toiled hard to build all that they have today with passion for work and fierce loyalty to their country of origin against all odds. They have not had it easy but were resilient enough to make it and quote ‘I have gone through a lot in my life to create wealth for me to live with my children comfortably in my old age and my children to have a better life than i had. I am not sure if this will work in future and although I’m not going to be happy in some other situation at least I will not have to go through this daily anxiety and consequent poor health’.

Life does come full circle sometimes...